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Sofa Cleaning Services

Sofas Are Royal Thrones, Treat Them Sophisticatedly!

A Sofa probably is the only tangible part of your drawing room that your guests can feel. Probably this is why; this trend of placing most expensive sofas in the drawing rooms is prevailing.

Factor one that your sofa is expensive and factor two that your sofas are a tangible offering to your guests adds sophistication in the act of sofa cleaning.


Stains Can Leave Footprints

Here, at Eastern Rose Laundry, we make sure that stains leave no footprints whatsoever. We have an armed sofa cleaning team that understands the basic fabrics of upholsteries.

Our team is well-equipped with the perfect chemical solutions that can remove the stains without even hurting the fabric.

Clean It, Protect It, and Preserve It!

Our sofa cleaning team gives the final touches to the operation of sofa cleaning by spraying protector sprays on the sofas. These protector sprays create an invisible layer of protection where normal stains cannot make an entry. Same sprays also protect your sofa from the regular attack of various germs and bacteria as well.

If your sofa was stored and you are planning to use it again, we can spray deodorizers to kill all those pungent smells coming out of it.

The Skin of Your Sofa Needs Moisturizers and Makeup

We have this special cleaning and shampooing regime designed for your leather sofas. Leather is ‘Royal’ and it demands the highest order of maintenance and cleaning just as your skin does. Our team understands these weathers of leathers very well and we have certain maintenance plans ready with us. These plans can enhance the life of your leather upholsteries and keep them shining all the time.